What is Q-move?

Check out what you can do with Q-move.

Q-move Features

Just place your credit card over the reader to ride publictransportation including buses and trains.
Q-move is a new paymentmethod.

There is no need to recharge money like other IC cards.
If you don’thave a credit card, you can place your own QR code.

Quicker and smoother, this is a new payment method to make yourtransit comfortable and convenient.

2 ways of using Q-move

  • 01

    With your credit card

    You can start using the service simply by placing your contactless credit card (*1) over the reader at the ticket gate or platform. No registration needed.

    *1) A credit card with the Contactless Symbol printed.

  • 02

    With QR code

    You can get your own QR code by registering the apps of partnertransportation and travel companies from your smartphone. Your QRcode can be used just like train or bus tickets by placing it over the Q-move device at the ticket gate or platform.

What you can do with Q-move

  • All you need to carry is a credit card

    The best thing about Q-move is that you don’t have to carry other ICcards for transportation. You can make the payment with just your credit card or QR code.

  • No more recharge

    Unlike the IC cards that require recharging, your fee will be charged directly to your credit card. You don’t have to worry about theremaining balance.

  • Check the usage history in My Page

    You can check your usage history including the sections and fees anytime by logging in to My Page.

When and Where to use

  • In daily lives

    Just place your credit card or QR code to ride on trains and buses.

  • While traveling

    Express and round-trip tickets can be used by placing your credit cardor QR code while traveling.
    *Tickets must be pre-purchased through apps.